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We are grateful to those members and local merchants who donated to the Annual Dinner Silent Auction this year. Their generosity helps strengthen our organization and allows us to support local charities.   Our thanks to the following donors:


Katie Barney, Melissa Barrett,  Noel & Elizabeth Bourdin,  Shirley Bucci

Donna Cantor & John Pinney, Jay & Robie Carey, Susan & Ed Coulston

Tom & Genny Dalrymple, George & Tellie Dixon, 

Tom & Beth Duncan

 Walda Dupriest-Brandt

Chip Heartfield & Linda Kingsley

Mike & Chris Lynch

Trish & John Malin,  Bill & Elizabeth (Benjie) Manley, Marie Martin

 James & Pamela McCloud,  Lyn Meushaw, Midge Menzie

Carol Michelson, Jack & Marcia Moore, Robert Murray

Bonna & John Nelson

Lynn Parli & Joe Enders, Milly Pitts & Joseph DiCicco

Andy Shaw, George & Andrea Shoener, John A. & Cheryl Dearie-Smith

 Lee & Bruce Thomas

Phil & Irmy Webster, Dorothy & Don Whitcomb


Special Thanks to The Scottish Highland Creamery, Oxford, MD

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