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Enjoy Being Part Of A Vibrant Organization With Benefits That Include:

  • The Bagpiper: 10 issues per year with news, histories,  humor, genealogy, and more

  • Free monthly issues, The Scottish Banner

  • Email announcements, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and website 

  • Membership Directory

  • Voting privileges and eligibility to serve on the Board of Managers

  • Participation in committees

  • Invitations to special events 

  • Learning about Scottish Culture

  • Participation in Scottish traditions and celebrations

  • Wearing kilts, sporrans, hose, flashes, sgian dubhs, ghillie brogues, tartan sashes,  

  • Hearing bagpipes

  • Getting and giving help with genealogical research

  • Getting and giving help with Highland attire

  • New friends, old friends, camraderie, shared heritage

Men and women who are 18 years and older and are Scots, Americans of Scottish descent or Friends of Scotland as defined by their connection to Scotland, may join SASES as regular members and are entitled to all benefits including eligibility to vote and serve as officers and members of the board.  The annual membership fee is $50.00. For new members, there is also  a one time initiation fee of $10.00.  


Those who join during the membership year pay on a scaled basis as follows:

  • New members accepted in July through October pay one half annual dues.

  • New members joining in November or December will not be invoiced until the upcoming calendar year.

To apply online and pay by credit card, click the below button

To apply by mail, click the below button, download and complete the application form, send with a check for $60.00 made out to SASES and mail to:
PO Box 1364
Easton, MD 21601



Young men and women up to the age of 18 who are actively engaged in the traditions and culture of Scotland may apply for membership and can attend all functions but will not have voting privileges until the age of 18. The annual membership fee is $25.00.   For new junior members, there is an additional one time initiation fee  of $10.00.  Apply online or download and print.


A Regular Member may elect to pay a sum to be set by the Board to the Society in lieu of all future dues, and upon such payment shall be designated a Life Member.  The amount payable for such designation may from time to time be varied by the Board; however, no such variation shall in any way affect the permanent status of a Life Member who has become one prior to such variation.  Life Members of this Society shall be entitled to all the privileges and shall assume all obligations of Regular Members.


The spouse of a deceased member, upon making a yearly contribution in an amount equal to one-half of the current dues, shall continue to have non-voting privileges of the Society, if he or she does not remarry.


The Board may, by unanimous vote, elect to Honored Life Membership any Regular or Life Member of this Society.  Honored Life Members shall be entitled to all privileges of Regular Members.

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