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New Member Application

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apply for membership in The St. Andrew's Society Of The Eastern Shore.

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Membership Directory Information

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Once your application has been approved, we would like to introduce you to your fellow members in our newsletter, The Bagpiper. Please consider submitting a short bio and photograph which we will publish in an upcoming issue. For details and submissions, please contact the editor, Nile Simpson at

Thank you for completing the application. You can submit this form by clicking the below button. Please note, in order for your application to be processed, you must also click the "Submit Payment Here" button. That will take you to our Square account where you can pay with the credit card of your choice. 

Next, please submit payment. Thanks!

*Annual membership dues are $50.00 + $2.00 to cover the Square processing fee. There is also a one time initiation fee of $10.00 for all new members. 


Those who join late in the membership year pay on a tiered basis as follows:

  • New members accepted July - October pay one half annual dues of $25.00 + $1.00 to cover Square processing fee + $10.00 initiation fee.

  • New members accepted in November or December pay the initiation fee but no dues.

  • Starting in December, all members, regardless of when they joined, will receive notice to renew for the coming year. 

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